DFD Coaching

Are your leaders struggling to...

keep pace with the stress and complexity of today's workplace?

Are your leaders and teams building a...

culture of trust, accountability and commitment?

Are your leaders and team having effective...

Difficult conversations?
Coaching conversations?
Strategic conversations?

Are your leaders and teams balancing...

technical competence with emotional intelligence?

Executive &
Leadership Coaching

We provide both individual coaching and group coaching programs customized to meet your leadership needs.

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High Performance Team Development

We provide your co-located and/or virtual teams with the skills and practices to overcome challenges and achieve success together.

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Facilitation and Consulting

We provide facilitation of meetings and retreats as well as the expertise to help your organization develop and flourish.

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Personal Leadership Sustainability

Are you a leader that is tired of being tired and stretched too thin? Do you have trouble finding the time and energy to lead? Click below for details about the Personal Leadership Sustainability program and our integral model for "healthy leadership" that will lead to your and your organization's long term sustainability.

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