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Most meetings and planning sessions are much more effective when they are facilitated by a neutral skilled facilitator. The facilitator is able to focus on and guide the process of the meeting, giving you the opportunity to pay attention to the content. We work with you up front to clearly define the desired outcomes of the meeting(s) and design a process that will efficiently and effectively help you achieve those outcomes. During the course of the meeting, we ensure participation, a solid process and an appropriate level of humor and fun.

The following are the typical types of meetings that are facilitated by DFD & Associates:

  • Leadership / Team Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Creative Brainstorming Sessions
  • Problem-Solving
  • Project Planning
  • Customer Meetings
  • Executive Continuity / Succession Planning

In today’s fast-paced, virtual and information-filled organizations, leaders must pay attention and be intentional about the culture they are creating and reinforcing. Culture, although seemingly an intangible aspect of an organization, has a huge impact on the commitment level of employees and on the level of results that an organization achieves.

DFD & Associates provides consultation services in the areas of:

  • Culture Definition and Change
  • Organizational Development
  • Managing Change
  • Commitment-Based Project Management

Through initial conversations and appropriate assessments to determine needs (e.g., The Leadership Culture Survey, employee satisfaction survey, etc.), we will determine key project objectives and develop a process to meet those objectives in partnership with our clients.

Please contact us for more information about our facilitation and consultation services.


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