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What’s Commitment Got To Do With It?

Commitment has pretty much everything to do with it when we are talking about achieving the highest level of success. It doesn’t matter whether it is personal success, relationship success, team success, project success or organization-wide success. Barring any unexpected, out-of-our control events, 99.9% of us are going to do whatever it takes to accomplish, achieve or be successful with that which we are truly committed to. So…if commitment is so important, how do we get our hands around this elusive concept?

As with most things related to human beings, we need to take an integral or holistic perspective. That means we need to take into account a person’s head, heart and body – the whole person. When we are committed to something or someone our heads, hearts and bodies all play a critical part. For example, if I am committed to helping create environmental sustainability, there is a head, heart and body component to it:

  • What does it mean to create environmental sustainability and why is it important in the big scheme of things? (head)
  • Why do I personally care? How does environmental sustainability relate to my values and who I am as a person? (heart)
  • What do I need to do to help create environmental sustainability? Do I have the skills and capabilities, the will and the discipline to do this? (body)

If a person’s head, heart and body are engaged, we can safely say commitment is present. And, if commitment is present so is the possibility of incredible results. So if you are a leader or a manager of a team or project or the entire organization – are are you engaging the head, the heart and the body of your employees or team members? Is your head, heart and body engaged around your mission or goal? There is a tendency for leaders to pay attention to one part (the head, heart or body) and leave out the other parts and then we wonder why commitment is missing.

What does commitment have to do with it? If you want an organization that is engaged, that cares about the impact the organization is having on customers and results, that is willing to innovate when faced with challenges and obstacles, then commitment has everything to do with it!

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