DFD Coaching

Transition Coaching

Transition-CoachingIn addition to executive and leadership coaching, DFD & Associates also works with leaders or individuals who are in transition in their careers/lives. Some individuals are looking to expand their career within their current organization and others are looking to determine “what’s next for me in my life and how do I get there?”

Our transition coaching helps clients determine how to lead more fulfilling, healthy and satisfying lives. We accomplish this by:

  • Working to develop or clarify the client’s vision and goals for the next phase of their lives and/or careers
  • Uncovering limiting beliefs and obstacles which may “sabotage” the client’s transition
  • Developing a plan to achieve the client’s vision and goals and overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles

This coaching process works very much the same as the Executive and Leadership individual coaching process, however, the focus of the coaching is on the client’s transition.


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True happiness comes from the intersection of doing what we love (passion), what we’re good at (strengths/gifts) and what the world needs (purpose).
- Oliver Segovia