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Individual Coaching Program

Executive-Leadership-CoachingThe purpose of an individual coaching program is to help the client achieve a higher level of effectiveness and fulfillment in their work and/or life. Individual coaching programs are typically for highly valued leaders or emerging leaders that would like to take one or more aspects of their performance to the next level. The minimum coaching engagement is for a period of six months after which results are evaluated, key practices are summarized and next steps are determined. (Most coaching engagements last from 6 to 12 months.) Some common areas for coaching include:

  • How to hold effective difficult conversations
  • How to increase your ability to operate at a higher more strategic level
  • How to balance your focus on achieving results with your focus on building relationships
  • How to develop and coach others for long term success
  • How to create a culture of accountability and commitment in your team, department or organization
  • How to achieve the appropriate balance of your leadership roles for your position: leader, manager, coach, mentor and individual contributor

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Group Coaching Program

DFD & Associates also offers group coaching programs. Group coaching is distinct from training, in that, it involves a series of facilitated sessions (typically one per month for six, nine or twelve months) in which participants are able to apply what they learn between sessions through exercises and practices, and then receive coaching on their actual experiences in the workplace at the following group session. Unlike most training approaches, this approach allows participants to apply and integrate their learning during the course of the program. Therefore, group coaching results in long-term excellent performance and is an economical way of developing leadership bench strength.

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