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Why partner with DFD & Associates?

Are your leaders able to function effectively in this chaotic, 24/7, turbulent world or are they overstressed and burning out employees?

AboutDoes your organization have highly intelligent, technically competent, results-driven managers that need to enhance their leadership skills, relationship-building and teambuilding competencies?

Is your organization in a growth mode requiring managers that need to be more strategic in nature and transition from strictly a manager role to a leader, coach and mentor role?

Does your organization have leaders that are new to the organization or new to their current leadership position and you would like to maximize their ability to “be up and running, meeting goals and objectives” as quickly as possible?

Does your organization value open communication yet you have leaders that are not holding effective difficult conversations and are unable to break down “functional silos” or barriers?

These questions are examples of areas in which DFD & Associates excels in our ability to take your leaders to the next level of performance and results.

Our Philosophy

DFD & Associates has been in the leadership and team development business since 1999. Our experience has shown us that underlying many of the above issues and difficulties, as well as others that organizations face, is an avoidance of holding the necessary conversations that will move the organization forward. Therefore, we partner with your leaders and support you in holding those conversations to achieve results.

Some of those key conversations include:

  • Strategic conversations that provide vision, goals and alignment
  • Commitment conversations that lead to a culture of accountability and excellence
  • Difficult conversations that resolve issues or disagreements in a healthy manner
  • Coaching conversations that grow and develop people for greater effectiveness and fulfillment
  • Shared expectations conversations that align leaders and teams around agreed upon behaviors, commitments and operating principles

We also know that making key changes to achieve your highest potential is not simply a matter of feedback. It requires the ability of leaders to be able to observe themselves in their natural and comfortable behaviors and habits (when they are on automatic pilot) and make a different more appropriate and skillful choice. Therefore, DFD & Associates works with our clients to develop the skill of self-observation followed by the development of new competencies and practices so that clients can operate from a state of presence and choice.


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