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Personal Leadership Sustainability

Personal Leadership Sustainability: A Model for Healthy Leadership

Personal-Leadership-SustainabilityBeing a leader in today’s world is challenging. Being a top-notch world-class leader feels like climbing Mt. Everest without oxygen! Leaders today are fighting for air – trying to take a breath or a breather to focus on the important strategic issues, without much success. How can a leader maximize results if most of their time is spent reacting to crises and putting out fires? Being a leader in today’s world means:

  • Being connected 24/7 with continual technological advances
  • Getting more work accomplished with less resources
  • Trying to consistently stay ahead of the curve from competition, both near and far
  • Having customers or clients with increasingly complex challenges and demands

Can you relate? Will any of this change in the next decade? The answer is a resounding NO! It is most likely going to get more challenging.

What leaders can change is the way they show up and engage in today’s turbulent chaotic world. Success today requires “healthy leadership” – leaders that are energized, focused, balanced, creative, and connected to themselves and others. “Healthy leadership” means leaders are able to use all four intelligences (cognitive, emotional, physical and intuitive) to be at their optimal leadership performance.

Personal Leadership Sustainability is a six-month group coaching program that creates “healthy leadership” in your organization. This will result in a healthy culture of engaged, committed employees. This program provides leaders with new practices and tools to be successful in this “oxygen-deprived world” we are living in.


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Awareness is itself a healing quality. Where awareness is found, the deepest potential for balance and clarity present themselves.
- Stephen Levine