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clientsOur Ideal Clients Are…

Those who have the strong values of learning and growth. They have what is called a “beginner’s mind” and are open to new perspectives, new behaviors and new ways of “showing up.”

Those who like to be challenged and realize that success in any aspect of life requires high levels of self-observation, self-awareness and practice.

Those who want to be “healthy leaders and create healthy cultures.

Those who realize that balance in many different areas, not just work-personal life, is crucial to achieving effectiveness and fulfillment.

Those who truly enjoy self-discovery and new insights into understanding ourselves personally and professionally.

Those who are committed to developing their own authentic vision for success in their life and are committed to achieving that vision.

Those who desire to use, develop and achieve balance their mental, emotional, intuitive and physical intelligence.

Those who have a sense of humor, don’t take themselves too seriously and are able to enjoy an element of “lightness” even amidst serious work.


High Tech
Calence (now Insight)
Isilon Systems
Lucent Technologies (now Alcotel-Lucent)
Arizona Women’s Education & Employment
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix
Girls Scouts Cactus Pine Council
NPower AZ
Take Charge America

Apollo, Inc.
Arizona School Board Association
Cartwright School District
University of Phoenix

Abbott Laboratories
Diversey (Commercial Safety and Hygiene)
Keats, Connelly & Associates (Financial Planning)
Phoenix Business Journal
QBE North America (Insurance)
Quarles & Brady LLP


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The greatest good you can do another is not just share your riches, but to reveal him his own.
- Benjamin Franklin