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“Leaders – Please Put Your Oxygen Mask on Before Assisting Others”

We’ve all heard that phrase many times before as we traveled about the country or world. And how often have we easily tuned it out, thinking that it’s not something we really need to pay attention to. I know that I tune it out most of the time, not wanting to even think about the possibility of needing an oxygen mask, let alone assisting anyone else with one. As leaders, we are so busy running around fighting fires, being pulled in all directions and multi-tasking that we don’t realize we actually do need an oxygen mask at times. (more…)

The Intimate Leader

The “intimate leader” sounds like a contradiction in terms or grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit. We all know that communication is key to being an effective leader, but the struggle lies with what type of communication truly makes a leader the most effective. After working with many leaders, I can honestly say it is “intimate communication”. (I must preface my next statements with an apology to the non-traditional males and females out there.) If you are a female, you are probably becoming somewhat intrigued by this concept of leadership intimacy. However, if you are a male, you are most likely about to quickly look for a different article! Don’t leave yet… (more…)