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Timm Esque

Timm-EsqueTimm Esque focuses on high stakes project teams, helping them turn their project conversations into commitment conversations. He accomplishes this through group process consulting, workshops and one on one coaching with the leadership. Timm’s Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM) approach evolved out of experiences with Intel project teams, when Intel was under intense pressure to meet skyrocketing demand in the 1990’s. Since then, Timm has been going into large and small project-oriented organizations to help them achieve measureable performance improvements.

Timm’s work with project teams has been featured in Product Development Best Practices Report and Training Magazine. He has been cited as an expert on performance under pressure in the Wall Street Journal and quoted in many other publications. He is the author of No surprises Project Management (1999, ACT Publishing), two other books and over 50 articles in a variety of publications. Timm has presented or consulted in 15 countries.


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