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Group Coaching Programs

Group-Coaching-ProgramsThe design and duration of group coaching programs can be very flexible. A typical design consists of one three-hour session per month for six to twelve months depending on the program. Some examples of group coaching programs include:

The Leadership Journey: Connecting to Your Highest Potential

The ability to authentically and effectively lead is critical to organizations today. This program provides participants with a holistic model of leadership, starting with effectively managing our internal world (i.e., who we are being) and moving to the effective management of our external world (i.e., what we do, how we do it, and how we manage our relationships). This program also helps to distinguish between the different roles of a manager (manager, leader, coach and mentor) and how we achieve the appropriate balance among these roles. At the end of the program, participants will develop a plan to continue to enhance their leadership effectiveness.

Communicating For Results

Leaders spend the majority of their time communicating with others. However, truly effective communication requires skills that few people possess or utilize effectively. Many problems in our business and personal lives could be prevented with more effective communication, leading to much better results. This program will focus on breaking down the barriers to effective communication and on learning the skills of committed listening, committed speaking and how to have authentic conversations, including difficult conversations, that lead to desired outcomes.

Creating a Culture of Execution, Accountability and Commitment

The foundation of a culture of excellence is trust. There are many elements that grow or destroy trust. This program will help leaders examine what they do to build trust and the obstacles that get in the way. The participants will learn how to model and coach their team members to have effective commitment conversations which result in a culture of accountability and excellence.

Successful Strategies for Women Leaders

This program provides a forum for women leaders in your organization to receive coaching on key strategies for their continued success and to learn from the challenges and best practices of their fellow participants. Some of the key strategies include: positive self-promotion, achieving balance centered on values, internal and external networking, etc.

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