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Program Outline

Session 1: Introduction to Personal Leadership Sustainability

Making the case for “personal leadership sustainability”; introduction to the Integral Model for Healthy Leadership; self-assessment to determine your level of “healthiness” as a leader; key coaching concepts and distinctions to be successful in the program.

Session 2: The Centered Leader: Building Your Inner Leadership Foundation

What is your defining leadership vision? How are your values showing up? What limiting beliefs are obstacles for you? Are you present and “awake” to yourself and those you lead? What practices to use to develop your intuitive intelligence?

Session 3: The Healthy Leader: Building Wellness Habits and Behaviors

Building your physical capacity – what are the habits and practices that provide energy, focus and wellness? What are your strengths and weaknesses in this area? What holds you back? What practices help you to develop your physical intelligence?

Session 4: The Connected Leader: Building Healthy Relationships

Connecting and building trust; using your emotions effectively to communicate with others; having healthy conflict; developing your emotional intelligence.

Session 5: The Balanced Leader: Building Conscious and Intentional Leadership

Making appropriate choices around your time, attention, and roles: defining your own formula for work-life balance; balancing the important and the urgent; balancing your roles as a leader (leader, manager, coach, mentor, individual contributor); balancing results with relationships; utilizing your cognitive intelligence to make reflective and appropriate choices.

Session 6: Conclusion: Bringing it All Together and Ensuring Sustainability

PLS program review; developing and receiving feedback on your “Personal Leadership Sustainability” development plan; putting an accountability system in place; creating a PLS culture – paying it forward.

  • Five individual coaching sessions, between the group coaching sessions, to deepen and accelerate the learning (for any individual leader who desires the extra focus and personalized support)
  • Personal Leadership Sustainability – Phase II for additional tools, concepts and skills

“I have been working with leaders and leadership teams for over 20 years as a Coach and Consultant. I have seen their world changing dramatically: they are scheduled to be in multiple meetings at the same time; taking time to plan, prepare and, think creatively or strategically is a luxury they can’t afford. Leaders are often scheduled back-to-back with no breaks and no lunch. There is no time for learning except on the job as they make mistakes – except there is really no time to reflect on and learn from those mistakes. These leaders are tired, unable to focus or concentrate too long on the issue at hand or the longer term issue and are out of balance. They are unable to take the time to grow and mentor others effectively.

This mode of operation is not sustainable – it’s not good for the leaders, the employees or the longer term success of the organization. It’s time to do it different – so I combined two long-standing passions of mine – leadership and wellness. And then I created a model for healthy leadership. If your organization wants to create a different culture – one with healthy leadership which results in a healthy culture which leads to a sustainable long-term success – join me on this journey to ‘personal leadership sustainability. It works!
– Donna Dobrovich, founder of DFD & Associates

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Awareness is itself a healing quality. Where awareness is found, the deepest potential for balance and clarity present themselves.
- Stephen Levine