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Program Overview

HealthyLeadershipModelWho is this program for:
  • Mid to senior-level leaders or leadership teams who want to increase their focus, energy, creativity, balance and connection
  • Leaders who know that they must fire with all four cylinders – cognitive, emotional, intuitive and physical intelligence, to operate effectively in today’s chaotic and complex world
  • This is not an introductory level leadership program. It is an advanced program for leaders who know that in order to master anything it takes self-awareness, reflection and practice – not magic pills or silver bullets
What results can you and/or your leaders expect from participating in this program? These are just a few

Leaders will:

  • Be able to stay centered and perform at their best under stress
  • Have increased energy and focus amidst chaos and turbulence
  • Identify limiting beliefs and obstacles holding them back from being their best
  • Be able to be present and “awake” and make reflective choices
  • Make sound, smart and effective decisions using multiple “intelligences”
  • Utilize emotions effectively in conversations instead of “fight, flight, or freeze”
  • Be proactive vs. reactive in how they spend their time and how they focus their attention
  • Have greater control over their lives and their “leadership health”
How does this program work:
  • It is a six-month group coaching program. The group/team meets once per month for three hours.
  • The ideal size is 8 to 12 leaders.
  • Each monthly session includes: self-assessments, group coaching, new concepts and skills, and exercises
  • Practice assignments are provided to apply the concepts and skills between sessions

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Awareness is itself a healing quality. Where awareness is found, the deepest potential for balance and clarity present themselves.
- Stephen Levine